Over the Rhine on Pursuing Your Dreams, Audience Collaboration and Running Through Harrisburg

Following their September 28 performance at the Midtown Scholar, Over the Rhine spoke with HarrisburgPA.com's Suzanna Espamer. Read more for their thoughts about performing in Harrisburg, their current projects and their journey as musicians, as well as photos from the show.

Following their September 28 performance at the Midtown Scholar, Over the Rhine's Karin & Linford Detweiler spoke with HarrisburgPA.com's Suzanna Espamer.

OtR TLS Publicity 01HarrisburgPA.com: How did you feel being in Harrisburg, PA and playing at Midtown?

Over the Rhine: It was a unique and magical venue: a sprawling, lovely bookstore with murals, exceptional espresso and hidden rooms full of rare books. We absolutely loved it. Also enjoyed a nice morning run along the river under the basswood trees -- beautiful city.


HPA: Which song do you anticipate to be your favorite to perform on this tour?

OtR: We probably don't have a particular favorite, but we have really enjoyed trying out our new unrecorded songs on this Fall Tour.


HPA: What do you see ahead, considering your record label? For future albums, do you think you'll continue to move toward listener supported albums through resources like "Kickstarter?"

OTR: We had a very successful initial attempt at making our last record with our extended musical family pitching in in advance, so we probably will continue to collaborate with our audience in leaving some sort of communal legacy.


HPA: The film Karin has been working on, Pleased to Meet Me, how did it feel? Since you've been a professional musician for two decades, did it feel strange acting out a musician's life? Did you find it relative or easy to connect with?

OTR: Shooting a feature length indy film was a wonderful experience. The process was truly lovely -- although there is a lot of waiting around at times. Unlike making a record, the actors have very little control over the final outcome of the project, but the process was very enjoyable. Really good to work with fellow songwriters Joe Henry, Aimee Mann, John Doe and Loudon Wainwright III.


HPA: From your epic life journey as musicians, what advice would you give to someone pursuing their dreams?

OTR: The life you are meant to find will wring your heart to the point of breaking, and then douse you with buckets of joy when you're not looking.


Images courtesy of Stephen Murrill of MaebeCloth.com

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